Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in job opportunities at the Colleges of the Fenway. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to the specific college address listed in the job description.

MCPHS University

Job TitleDate Posted
Adjunct Faculty - Academic Support - Nursing - MCPHS University1/19/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Academic Support - Nursing - MCPHS University1/19/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Anatomy and Physiology - MCPHS University3/7/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry Laboratory - MCPHS University3/12/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Community Organizing - MCPHS University2/26/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Image Critique in Radiography - MCPHS University3/12/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Microbiology Laboratory - MCPHS University3/7/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Nursing - MCPHS University1/24/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Pharmaceutics Laboratory Instructor - MCPHS University2/6/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Pharmacy Practice Laboratory - MCPHS University3/16/2018
Adjunct Faculty - Radiography - MCPHS University3/12/2018
Administrative Assistant - MCPHS University1/23/2018
Administrative Assistant - MCPHS University2/22/2018
Administrative Assistant - Pharmacy Practice Lab - MCPHS University1/22/2018
Administrative Coordinator - MCPHS University2/28/2018
Associate Controller - MCPHS University3/16/2018
Associate Director of Talent Acquisition - MCPHS University2/22/2018
Campus Housing Coordinator - MCPHS University1/26/2018
Campus Safety Officer - MCPHS University2/22/2018
Clinical Placement Coordinator - MCPHS University1/23/2018
Coordinator - Clinical Affiliations - MCPHS University1/19/2018
Digital Marketing Manager, Program Portfolio - MCPHS University2/28/2018
Director of Institutional Research & Assessment - MCPHS University3/16/2018
Faculty - Contact Lens - MCPHS University3/8/2018
Faculty - Nursing - MCPHS University2/12/2018
Faculty - Nursing / Clinical Simulation - MCPHS University2/14/2018
Faculty - Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy - MCPHS University1/29/2018
Faculty - Pharmacy Practice - Ambulatory Care Atrius Pain Management - MCPHS University2/12/2018
Faculty - Physician Assistant Studies - MCPHS University2/14/2018
Graduate Assistant for Residence Life - Worcester - MCPHS University2/20/2018
Library Reference Assistant (part-time) - MCPHS University2/21/2018
Lieutenant - MCPHS University3/8/2018
Sergeant - MCPHS University2/14/2018
Sergeant - MCPHS University2/1/2018


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